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By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Fri 19 May, 2017 12:06:15 EAT
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My parents used to badger me ,
And I used to be a dab hand
And I ended up impressing all
Some thought I would end up to the pearly gates
For I always had the rub of the green

I used to take the hair of the dog
For the devil to pay
And I would disappear in the dead of winter
I was like a squeaky wheel,
For mama once told me that it always gets the oil
And that's how I survived

The time was ripe
And I wouldn't throw in the towel
For my life was good"
Yet I was a doormat
Though respectable in people's sights
Maybe butterfingers well describes me

Kechi the poet

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Maurine Kado
    I love your piece
    341 wk ago

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