Met God To The Club

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Met God To The Club

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Sat 01 Feb, 2020 19:17:09 EAT
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Met God To The Club

My head so low
Another trumpet to blow
Seeking pleasure
Keeping with the pressure

Soiled being
Drooping Legging
Just to be lied to be fair
An opportunity to get the fare

But today I met a crowd
Light to my fainthearted
Cutting off every weight
Sprung at his call

With discipline had to endure
Running the race
Swiftly at heart with perseverance
All my past washed away
Welcomed with hospitality
Cherished at love so brotherly
In remembrance of a home eternally
And to whom be the glory

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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