Mr, Mrs And Miss Miracles

Ruby Morey

Mr, Mrs And Miss Miracles

By Ruby Morey

Mon 06 Apr, 2020 18:41:36 EAT
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Mr, Mrs And Miss Miracles

Tempted though I am to call you friends,
I will refrain and call you something fancier,
For calling you friends dims the bright light you shine in my life.

You are little pebbles strewn across my path,
That I pick along as I go,
Different sizes, shapes, texture and colour,
So I encase you deep in the folds of my clothes,
And wrap my hands tightly around you as I skip along,
So that none will jump out.

Bundled up with kindness and joy
Wrapped in laughter and merry
Treasures of fortitude
You are gifts from heaven

Oh! I must stop here,
For I want to say less and feel more
So I call you Miracles,
For calling you anything else,
Dims the light you shine so bright in my life.

By Ruby Morey
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