My Banana Woman

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

My Banana Woman

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Mon 21 Aug, 2017 21:20:39 EAT
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My Banana Woman

I know an empty bag will never stand upright,
Neither will an empty stomach remain silent,
Just like the behind will empty out always
But my banana woman would crave for suckers always,
Yeah suckers and stems for life
For she knows what being full means.

The Banana's sweat spreads fragrance
And its head spread radiance,
Her heart pounds for it,
And all she want is soil for it,
The results are her clothes off.

She desires matoke,
Maybe that's what her mama fed her ,
But greater is her man
Yeah her man for all the cooking tips are at his fingers tips.

She hates the banana in the bush
Name not that neighbouring the springs,
But she thrives for the one in the desert
For it breaks the day and flees the shadows.

Her lips are like ribbons,
Her mouth juicy
Name not her rounded goblet navel.
All because of the banana.
And that's why she be my banana woman.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Alvin
    hehehe kijana unafikiria nini? ama ni mimi ndo nafikiria zangu?
    351 wk ago
  • Hector De Poet
    Kechi, what has really impressed about this piece is the use of symbolism!! The piece is too good to imagine The Leopard lives in a Muu tree by Laban Erapu is actually what inspires this read. Keep writing
    351 wk ago
  • Moraah Doran
    Waah!!! Dans Cette poem.....aki n kivumbi tu someone give me a clue Ku n kama naelewa zangu
    351 wk ago
  • Kechi
    Thanks Hector Alvin and morah too I'm really humbled
    351 wk ago
  • Lumala
    Good sir ,, press on ,, best
    351 wk ago

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