My Confession


My Confession

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:39:55 EAT
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My Confession

Hey, did I say?
That I like those dreads,
They're not the only thing I don't dread,
They draw me to you,
But not as much as that terry-fic smile,
Its there in black and white,
Like a drawing, on a wall, for all to see,
Only that this wall is my heart,
And all who can see are me and me.

You carry this air around you
That pulls me like a one poled magnet,
And I always turn out to be the opposite pole,
I hate missing you,
But it seems like its all I do when you aren't around,
I don't remember having a boring conversation with you,
I don't remember finishing talking with you,
I don't remember not smiling when talking to you,
And oh!
Did I talk of that smile?

The first thing that lured me to you,
Four solid years ago,
A thousand and more days later,
I haven't been satisfied.

I wouldn't say you're the best I ever had,
That would be a lie,
But, I want you to be who I have,
I wouldn't say you're the most beautiful I have seen,
But, you are more than what beauty can offer,
And oh, you are damn beautiful.

You've taught me the meaning of being a social being,
A reason to smile.
You have known moments when am down,
With a chuckle,
You've laughed it off,
Bringing back the smile I lost,
That's why I prefer telling you,
I'd rather you laugh,
Than someone else spend five minutes saying sorry,
In short, you are a reason to many of my joys,
That's why I didn't ask kina Joy,
But that's why I ask you,
That's why I ask of you,
That's why I ask for you.

- For Audrey Terrie

By Rapando
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  • Winnie Esther Mosongo
    There is always that one person that pumps our hearts faster than usual and lights up our souls. Great piece...speaks to the soul kabisa
    372 wk ago
  • Kechi
    You have let the truth to out I love it
    368 wk ago
  • Audrey
    Am soo much humbled with this piece i feel like i have been described in a whole collection of Harry porters novels. Thanks for your friendship and love
    310 wk ago

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