My Firefly

Masinde Ezra-  WordCoded

My Firefly

By Masinde Ezra- WordCoded

Sat 18 Nov, 2017 12:49:38 EAT
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My Firefly


You wove me a web like a spider's.
Trapped in it wasn't me, but us.
We're lost in a meshwork of mazes.
You and I know not its start - It amazes.
In my lost state, I know I'm found.
Its a love web that in it I'm bound.
Let every thread of silk strand
Hold us together as a brand.

I stumbled upon a bold bumblebee:
Buzzing so madly around the humble me.
Quick reflexes : with my palm I shooed it away.
Who'd want a sting anyway?
It fled.
Yes! With my heart to its hollow hive.
Leaving me breathless yet still alive.
An empty abode for us to perfect our sting.
Two bees:
A bumble bee and a humble me - Queen and King.

Creeping cowardly on the clipped lawn,
Emerged a caterpillar hairy and so scary brown.
I watched its crawl, perfectly choreographed.
Little did I know in days it would do an airlift.
Fluttering free its frail wings from a cocoon,
Into a butterfly, so adorable like a full moon.
My own rendition of beauty and his beast.
Still dazed, doubtful of the sudden eventful twist.

I fret the cold air of night,
The pitch dark, charcoal black film stirs fright.
The stars are bright but out of my reach.
Its an ancient world, no lights to switch.
A sparkle glows a distance away not far.
In a tip toe, I walked on my toe tips determined to grab the offer,
I beheld such greatness in one so shy.
It was my firefly.

By Masinde Ezra- WordCoded
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  • John Obadiah
    good use of alliteration, assonance and rhyme
    288 wk ago
  • Ezra The Great
    Thanks John
    288 wk ago
  • Shikanda
    175 wk ago

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