My Friend


My Friend

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:30:38 EAT
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My Friend

Always there, never leaves,
Knows my secrets, never tells,
I hold his hand, he holds mine,
He never frowns, never sneers,
He's loyal, never let me down.

Through rain and scorch,
He has never forsook,
Sometimes I feel guilty
in my warm bed,
When I know he's out kissing dew,
I can't carry him home and he knows
But he never complains.

I anchored him with a balloon,
That's all I could afford.
Sometimes we sit hours on end,
People pass and give us stares,
Sometimes I shy away,
But I see your face,
You always smile at them,
Like you like being noticed,
You infect me with your confidence,
And I marvel at your patience,
It's something I can't forget.

When time draws a line between us,
I'll still defy and come for you,
When time fades you away,
I will still repaint you,
You are my friend,
And whenever you miss me,
Just look at my heart in white.

-Female Persona

By Rapando
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