My Mother In Law

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

My Mother In Law

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Tue 21 Feb, 2017 14:34:12 EAT
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My Mother In Law

Did I get married to you or to your son?
At first when you welcomed me,
I thought you'll be a friend
A companion and one to strengthen me,
And in the end you dug up in my life,
Look for mistakes.

You called off my pre wedding,
Saying would be a waste of funds and resources.
That your son had to invest for the future,
But despite all it happened.
Though you were calmed down,
But you cancelled out the honeymoon.

You didn't lose hope,
Neither did I become afraid of you,
Because mama prepared me well for this,
And all I have learnt is carry things forward.
And I have hopes of carrying them through.

Veer away from me,my husband and kids,
Though you're a mother and a brandy.
I don't see that in you but a co wife.
Now you had to venture forth from your home,
Pretending of loneliness and missments,
Which are lies coz you've brought poison.
For all you utter brings destruction.
You've caused my hubby to sleep in pubs
And still in the end blames me,
You've got no morals,no virtues but vices.

All you do leave me wondering.
Are you my mother in-law or my co wife?

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Chris
    You have brought out the plight of daughters -in- law, I love it
    353 wk ago
  • Douglas Danan
    This is a great piece
    353 wk ago
  • Vivian
    Mothers in law....they never seem to change.....thumbs up pal
    353 wk ago
  • Sally
    I like how u bring out da real character of mother in- laws of dah kind..dey irritate! NYC dedix.
    353 wk ago
  • Isabella Nkirote
    This is awesome.
    353 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    353 wk ago
    Keep it up bro ,, nice
    353 wk ago
  • Soo
    This is explicit. Keep up.
    353 wk ago
  • Lemuel
    Keep up
    353 wk ago
  • Hillary
    This is great Kechi
    353 wk ago
  • Poet Brainchild
    Man this piece Is great, thumb up
    353 wk ago
  • Monicah
    353 wk ago

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