My Siblings Are In Love


My Siblings Are In Love

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:34:00 EAT
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My Siblings Are In Love

I write without pride,
My brother and sister are in love,
In love with each other,
Love is blind, they claim,
But blood is thicker than water,
At least they should smell it if they're really blinded.

It all began years ago,
When Jane, my small sister,
5 by then asked mum,
- where do kids come from?
- the supermarket.
It was funny by then,
I remember laughing,
Because I knew it was a lie,
A white lie,
And my sister grew into a curious young lady,
She wouldn't fall for lies,
She had to ask her way around everything.

She hit puberty,
And so did Ken,
They were given restrictions,
The same I had followed,
Above all,
No relationships with opposite gender,
Unless there was an established family bond.

Well, they were obedient little kids,
They still are now,
In their late high school years,
When curiosity hits its peak,
I was worried my parents never talked to them,
Especially about relationships and sex,
Sex was a taboo word in the family.

As a big sibling I took an initiative,
Asked them about their love life,
My sister smiled,
My brother looked away,
It was weird,
At least I expected the opposite,
Something was fishy,
And it wasn't good.

So I left the matter for another day,
And Ken came to me yesterday,
Confessed that Jane and he were in love,
I was struck,
Shock struck,
Asked him to tell me, from the beginning.

He said he wanted someone to love,
I knew that was normal,
But let him go on,
He said Jane also wanted someone to love,
But dad and mum had already said no,
They weren't allowed to meet other people,
They had phones,
but at random times,
Dad would check the logs, contacts and messages,
So their phones were just for games,
They still needed love,
Well they had other types of love,
But they felt they were missing something,
Something more advanced, available yet forbidden,
They had been forbidden outside love,
They had a family bond,
Somehow they found each other.
What a hole in the family law.

I asked how far it has gone,
How far, you know,
He said just kissing,
I told him to stop,
And call Jane we talk as three,
He felt disappointed,
I assured him I'd talk to Dad,
This has to stop.

By Rapando
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