No One But Me

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

No One But Me

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Tue 04 Jul, 2017 21:12:04 EAT
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No One But Me

My family is a chille heel,so do my friends.
All they offer is a white knuckle ride,
Did I say I need a glass of Adam's ale
Or rather a colourful ceremony to hell,
Ooooh I'm a port in a storm
Poor as a church mouse , lonely as Lucifer herself.
All I see is hell,
Yeah , maybe I'm at a death's door.

I have no hope of a clean slate,
Hence I pray death maybe a damp squib
For with all this activities.....

My life is a thin line,
For even God offers a wet blanket,
Did you say he heals?
Ooooh did you say he cares, protects?
Your God is ad nauseum,
Yeah boring, unpleasant,I don't care.
That's why I hope for hell,
For Satan will offer warm blanket
Did you say there's fire?
With friends, family and God you'll addfuel to the flames

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Catchykachie
    Wow, quite a perspective!
    334 wk ago
  • Lumala
    good Sir
    334 wk ago
  • Maurine Kado
    334 wk ago
  • Cal
    334 wk ago

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