One Day I Will

Holy Boy Ritchie

One Day I Will

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Wed 26 Dec, 2018 18:10:15 EAT
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One Day I Will

One day I'll stop
I'll stop being a slave to my own emotions,
I'll break the chains and let go my feelings,
I'll forget about my rugged past,
And create a new life in me.
One day I will.

One day I'll stop checking on you,
I'll stop starting a conversation with you,
I'll stop waiting for you to answer my calls,
I'll stop imagining you're mine.
I won't care whom you are with,
Nor will I care how you'll feel,
About the step I'll take,
Cause I'll stop.

I'll struggle to forget,
The best memories,
The sweet feeling together,
It will hurt me but I will.
My heart couldn't take it anymore,
Your arrogance after I gave it all to you.
I promise I'll lack a caring heart,
Just to rise up a new me.

One day I'll stop begging for your attention,
I'll stop hoping for tomorrow's change,
I'll dry my tears and wash my face,
I won't think twice anymore,
I'll just put an end to everything.
I'll stop!

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Cardiac Poet
    Legit 💥 broet
    281 wk ago
  • Jp
    281 wk ago
  • Vincent Mataya
    This poem is indeed touching,the choice of words can't mention...but still you will stop. Thumbs up meeen.
    281 wk ago
  • Poeticpen
    This is awesome... I love it.. Keep up the good writing..
    281 wk ago
  • Maseah
    Such a nice piece... You are always amazing Holy Boy, keep it up.
    281 wk ago
  • Regina Okemwa
    So I wish all those who take their partners for grunted to have a look at this!
    281 wk ago
  • Tinasha
    So real, it's so true .... amazing words Holyboy 👍👍👍👍👍
    281 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    this is amazing
    281 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Yoh broet, another time yet i must say 'Good one bro'. The piece is emotion stirring, giving the feeling of One day a reality spoken poem. keep pudhing hard, success is the next door you shall stop by.
    281 wk ago
  • Komen
    Keep it up, your poems are always amazing and captivating
    280 wk ago
  • Makori
    279 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    its so amazing
    272 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    It happens in real life..your twist of words I love it.. Great work Richie 💯💯👏
    265 wk ago
  • Ogembo Jnr
    I just cant get enough if this man...Always articulate, well managed paragraphs and above all very educative...This is a real genious, we are priviledged to be alive in HIS era! Keep doing what you do best brother...A legend in the making..
    203 wk ago

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