Parched Earth


Parched Earth

By Eunny

Sun 10 Sep, 2017 16:06:00 EAT
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Parched Earth

For my best friend Shamim

The other day I stood and watched in awe,
Fixed to the ground,
I couldn't move,
I watched you,
The sparkle in your eyes,
The bright smile,
The calculated walk,
The perfection in your words,
The you.

I watched as your feet graced the pathway,
Your gown caressing your epic body,
The cameras clicking your way.
I watched as you blinked for the upteenth time,
Trying in vain to block your tears,
I watched as the bouquet trembled in your hands,
And your generous smile,
The gem in you...
I watched it glow brighter than ever before.

And our memories flashed in my mind,
How you held me so close,
Like a blood sister,
How you wanted my tender life to be smooth,
How you wiped my tears with the hem of your dress,
How you and I were inseparable...
Thirteen years later,
I still want to cry with you on your big day,
To hold you back one last time,
I still want to be us.

I watched as the two of you danced around,
How he held your veil against your face,
How you kissed,
How you cut the cake,
Damn girl,
You looked cute.

Now I watch the stars every night,
I see your eyes in their shine,
I see the moon smiling at me,
I am happy you are happy,
For sometimes love is the best witness,
And you,
Will testify.

By Eunny
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  • Oliver Tangara
    Girl you on fire
    343 wk ago
  • Osman
    Good account of the event. Your friend surely will appreciate your effort to turn the event into such a piece.
    343 wk ago
  • Pantaleon Khanyereri
    I love all your works!!And I'm certain I'll love the next too
    343 wk ago
  • Husni
    You just awesome!!!
    343 wk ago
  • Viron
    heee,, so great indeed keep up kababy!!!
    343 wk ago
  • Kodawakingi
    A lot of memories condensed in artistically big way, a huge piece of transitional love, how lovely! Never better...keep up popcorn:)
    343 wk ago
  • Vera
    Beautiful words Eunny, as usual
    343 wk ago
  • Nancy Ajilit
    You made it baby girl...kudos!
    343 wk ago
  • Leon
    She gona b happy abt that Euny....ur awesome
    343 wk ago
  • Oj
    Waiting for nyaloka
    343 wk ago
  • Makori
    u just produced the ideal the rest is a copy
    343 wk ago
  • Jullie
    I love your works
    343 wk ago
  • Kosgey
    Good job
    343 wk ago
  • Allan Kiptoo
    Beautiful piece from a beautiful lady to a beautiful friendship, I bet it was so nice seeing your friend get married.
    343 wk ago

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