Ruby Morey


By Ruby Morey

Thu 21 May, 2020 10:09:27 EAT
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Teach me to be patient with those that I love
To show grace and mercy
If be excuse after excuse that I have to make for them
Then let me
That I will have to turn a blind eye sometime
Then let it be.

Crown me with patience
For my countenance is not always the best
I easily snap
Sarcastic and biting remarks tumble out of my mouth unbidden
And I suffer fools not kindly
Help me, for those eyes roll at the back of my head with a life of their own.

I don't need to be right all the time
Make me aware of my shortcomings
Oh, for I am the unbearable fool sometimes
Transport me out of my world
And into the land of those that I love
Then give me patience to exist in a world out of my own.

But to be patient, I have to learn to love,
So teach me how to love
And let me have something to show for it
If you will, then let it be a garland of patience.

By Ruby Morey
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