By Cynthy

Fri 21 Dec, 2018 21:40:07 EAT
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She sat by her bed,
Staring into the unknown,
Even in her baggy shirt,
She still looked divine and tantalising,
Yet her face held so much pain,
So much sorrow,
Her thoughts clearly seen.

She was the morning sun,
Her smile beams,full-dazzling,
She was the blooming flowers in summer,
Beautiful with perfect indentations on her cheeks,
Ravishing with curves at the right place,
Sultry voice,
A woman filled with ambitions, strong and unwavering,
She was all that and more.

As she turned and looked at me,
Her eyes held so much emotions,
"Do I love too much?"
"Am I too clingy?"
She asked me,with teary eyes,
I sat there looking at her,
Feeling angry at those who made her feel hurt.

She wasn't clingy,
She was too kind for this world,
She was pure ecstasy,
Her face beautifully crafted,
Ethereal in every essence,
Maybe she loved too much,
But they didn't deserve her love,
They left her broken,
Pieces of her heart scattered.

By Cynthy
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  • Victoria
    And she'll be stronger than before😊👑
    249 wk ago
  • Cynthy
    yes Victoria 😇
    249 wk ago

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