Remember Me


Remember Me

By Cynthy

Thu 17 Feb, 2022 07:23:44 EAT
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#deja vu  

Remember Me

I'll paint you a picture of us
by the river when you held my hand
Looked deep into my eyes
And made a promise
To love me always
I'll write you letters
To remind you how beautiful you are
Early in the morning
I'll write you poems
Just to remind you that you are a queen
That you deserve all the happiness.
That your smile always lights up my heart
Sparkling eyes
That calm my insecurities,
I'll sing you songs
For when you are scared, to sooth you to sleep,
I want you to remember me
and laugh at a memory
When we were silly and full of love
I want you to remember me and smile.

By Cynthy
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