Rescue Me From Church


Rescue Me From Church

By SaintValz

Mon 05 Dec, 2016 15:15:43 EAT
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Rescue Me From Church

An adventurous young damsel, she was told to find a man in church.
She had to conceal her thunderous demeanour and seat her pretty bottom on the bench.
I was now considered cancerous, so she left me in the trench.
“This young man is dangerous; he has a sneaky smile and a stench”
In comes the church boys, the smartly dressed youth who take a shit once a week.
She placed herself in the choir among the angels who swung holy hips in tune with the choir master.

Arranged relationships where the order of the day, but all she could think about was Vee.
The guys made a bet on who would win the prize, a bidder approached before she realized.
The unhappily married elders urged her on, but only one thing could turn her on.
She was back at my door step for another last time.

“You dirty, unholy, handsome, broke, ever horny, good kisser, why did you answer my DM?”
I watched her ass strut off my porch in bewilderment.
She used to polish my shoes before she left my house, oh well, at least she blew me.

Hoodrats in my hood know that I date better chicks.
The better chick is a bird that has started picking better nectar.
Would you take your secateurs and prune the rose that grew on the concrete crack?
Or harbour the weed that grows among your vegetables?

I attach no strings to a bird that can sour,
As much as I don’t want to see a firefly bundled up in someone’s palms
My firefly went from unhappiness to unhappiness.
But all she needed was unrestricted happiness.

Church boy after church boy, she wasn’t entertained.
She sang her lungs out in the choir and sent me voicenotes.
After a few DM’s, I’d rev my BM
After a few texts, we’d change to sexts

So I let her loose, but then she got hurt
That was my worst mistake.
Church boy was a fuckboy, a boil that erupted like turmoil
I have always been the oil, that soothes
I do not need to boil, to smoothen

Who said your church is the building that God blessed with the best men?
Who said an academy where sinners find healing is the best place to find a relationship?
I penetrated your soul like a weevil, because I was a devil?
You expressed yourself with no judgement, now why lament?
You thought your life will be set at25, but you not yet a wife!

I’m high from morn till dawn watching for the one
When you’re tired of being bored, you can come and we have fun
I will drop my dope, adjust my scope.
Cut the rope, approach the Pope
Pack and elope.
You tears I will mop
If you leave that joke…..


By SaintValz
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  • Sharon
    365 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    A true story, some of these things happen in church, and done by the very holier-than-thoughs
    364 wk ago
  • Kenyatta Eric
    absolutely true

    364 wk ago
  • Kenyatta Eric
    absolutely true

    364 wk ago
  • Rita
    I am a little late but i have to say i love the bluntness in this piece. You went for it and you nailed it.
    335 wk ago

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