Ripped Off


Ripped Off

By Stumah

Sun 14 Jul, 2019 22:01:42 EAT
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Ripped Off

Ripped off

Sat on this roof watching the sun go down
Hoping it sets with all the pain the day brought,
I'm still here hoping the sun comes up,
Comes up with relief and new hope
I was meant to forget, am sorry I held on.

I tried to talk, found no voice
A caged parrot, trapped and silent
With a war inside.
There's poems I wrote that never saw day
It was the pain I sat on, to protect you from bitterness in truth.

In your eyes I was calm, deep within I wasn't
You are the reason for this cross tattoo
At least I needed something to remind me to be good
African like Lawino, I thought I'm immune to pain.

© Stumah_2019

By Stumah
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  • Njoki Ndirangu
    Because we gotta choose what Pain we want to endure
    252 wk ago

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