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By Allan M. Kiptoo

Sun 05 Jul, 2020 19:29:59 EAT
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They tell of profound stories,
Those easily long forgotten,
Some intentionally well hidden.

Away from the eyes
I hide
Mine, are carved on my surface
Telling stories I don't want heard by ears around me
They betray me
I draw away from your eyes but my scars still shout
So I make answers anticipating the gasps
When your eyes wander far enough to behold my cuts

They tell of battles fought
Etched in their crisscross on my skin, is an iron clad will to live
Marks of what were once wounds that bled
And skin that was torn
But how it is no more
They tell of adventures of old
And speak of what I am made of today.

Beautiful yet are the ones in my heart
Pieced back together by your hands
They caress the bumps of my scar on my face
By your hands and time
That brings you to me from far into the galaxies
And makes mine torn skin shine
Like stars in our universe

I wear them proud, I wear them in the face of life
Like a crown they adorn my head
Jewelry, my neck and arms
Like a tattoo, my heart
I wear them because at times they are all I have to show
And when you look at them
My skin churns from the love shimmering unbidden in your eyes
Then I am proud
That I wore my scars on my sleeve.

A poetry collab by Ruby Morey & Me

By Allan M. Kiptoo
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