She Stands Proud


She Stands Proud

By Rapando

Wed 14 Sep, 2016 14:34:26 EAT
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She Stands Proud

She stands proud like the world is hers,
And right, its hers, and she takes her stand,
She has her curves firm,
and she doesn't worry about wind sways,
She stands on her heels and poses for my eyes,
And in my mind I see her hands full of our kids,
I wanna marry her.

When weight overtook her lean structure,
She didn't fall for lures of lemon and skipping breakfasts,
She took the curves and turned them into an icing on the cake that is her,
She fits my full view so I don't have distracted eyes on others that pass,
She's my satisfaction, 
In fact, she smiles when I call her fat.

While other men scamper for upgrades I have my one for the future.
While other men buy heavier blankets for their wives,
She makes me throw mine away from the heat of her skin.
And her softness makes me forget the discomfort of cuddling bones,
Now I smile at the mere thought of coming back home to her warm embrace.

She has the voice that sings me to sleep and a hum that wipes my worry,
And a gentleness that comes from comfort of all that is hers,
She cuddles me like a son and still respects me as her man.
Yesterday I bought her a big mirror that fits her,
And her smile assured me of an awesome night,
My mother approves of her cooking and nags me to take her in,
She says I picked the ripe fruit from the farm,
And that I should hold on to firm as I can,
She says after our visit back home she was the topic of the day,
That her hips will support the intelligence in her womb,
And that her face smiles to the slightest affection,
That she won't run away, she won't be able to after all,
And that she is her ideal daughter-in-law. 

Photo Courtesy of Nimmoh Anita

By Rapando
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  • Brian
    376 wk ago
  • Mwachi
    376 wk ago
  • Leah
    Said it like its supposed to be Said...
    376 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Thanks guys
    376 wk ago
  • Sumee
    Woow its awesome
    376 wk ago
  • Anita Nimmoh
    Lovely. I love every single bit of it.
    376 wk ago
  • Karen
    πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒI like...pretty awesome and thick😁
    376 wk ago
  • Abraham Sang
    Keep it up, it's lovely.
    376 wk ago
  • Dennis
    Great diction on the subject
    376 wk ago
  • Gasheri gichunge
    376 wk ago
  • Mawazo
    Great piece
    376 wk ago
  • Christine
    376 wk ago
  • Boygene
    The fat woman- Rapando you go kill us oh! I love your art
    376 wk ago
  • Doris
    Simply a masterpiece

    364 wk ago
  • Brandy
    "...she won't run away, she won't be able after all"
    haha nice one
    362 wk ago
  • Brandy
    "...she won't run away, she won't be able after all"
    haha nice one
    362 wk ago

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