She Teases I


She Teases I

By Rapando

Wed 20 Jul, 2016 02:11:02 EAT
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She Teases I

She teases,
With her smile and witty surprise,
She texts at wee,
And calls me swee'
She teases,
With her sway,
Perfect as sine waves,
She teases,
Calls me close friend,
Holds me close,
But keeps her heart far away,
I try to,
She teases,
With that set of white teeth,
With those eyes that look beyond,
She teases my heart,
She teases my mind,
She teases me in all ways,
And I like it,
For uncertainty has a way of certain joy,
With her,
I feel contended,
Though she isn't mine,
And she is no one's,
I feel not alone,
I can talk to her, and she does,
And above that,
She teases,
She teases,
I hope she won't tease leaving..

By Rapando
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