She Teases Ii


She Teases Ii

By Rapando

Wed 20 Jul, 2016 02:12:38 EAT
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She Teases Ii

I told her I love her,
She said she wanted to hear more,
And out my heart I poured,
She listened,
A smile spreading like a bacterial infection,
She moved close and I could feel the heart beat,
I looked in her eyes,
And I saw more than just anticipation,
She expected more,
I held her closer,
Our bodies merged into one stalled being,
Still I felt far away,
I wanted to know if she felt something,
Her heart raced with feelings I so wanted to hear.
I asked if she loved me,
She looked at me,
I waited,
It was like a momentary break from life itself,
I could forget my name for just this moment,
Yet she smiled,
I saw it as a mock to my hunger,
I was like a starved beggar,
Staring at food as some mouthy guy delivered a speech.

She kissed me,
I forgot myself,
For a moment,
I just wanted to live the moment,
And forget everything,
Just her.

I broke the kiss,
This was the moment,
She had my heart in her hand,
She could break it,
She could give me hers,
I just waited,

She gave me that cheeky smile,
Her lips opened,
I waited,
I could hear my own heart beat,
I could feel my knees tremble,
She said,
'Sam, I have to let you know',
I said go on....

By Rapando
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