She Teases Iii


She Teases Iii

By Rapando

Wed 20 Jul, 2016 02:13:40 EAT
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She Teases Iii

Go on, I said again,
My knees shook more,
Hers too,
Everything around.

I thought it was happening,
Just like in the movies,
I thought my eyes were in a turmoil,
A whirlwind - a spiral mess of teases and suspense,
She fell
So did I,
The rattle,
Everything shook,
Damn, an earthquake.

I came back to my senses,
The once love-filled adrenaline,
Turned me to a life saver,
Grabbed her hand,
Down the table,
So I could trust momentary safety,
My hand in hers,
My heart in mine,
I could see the end.

She squeezed my palm,
Looked at me,
Fear printed on her face,
I managed to smile,
More to comfort than to express comfort,
She was there,
Looking at me,
Her protector,
Yet she knew not,
She was my strength,
I had to think. Fast.

The window,
We made for it,
Our portal to freedom,
A doorway to life,
It was a choice between certain death,
And uncertain survival,
We could risk staying,
But rubble would be a companion,
And I wouldn't want rocks on her spine,

I grabbed her,
So reluctant was her wake,
Clangs and bangs,
All around was slaps of hurt and mortal bruise,
We jumped.

Two floors down,
I know I risked a limb or two,
I couldn't think straight,
But she on top of me,
Wind on my back,
My hands round hers,
I closed my eyes,
Waited for the thud.

On the lawn down below,
Her body on mine,
My back on grass,
The last feeling,
Blue sky,
Fluffy clouds,
Black skies,
Blurred vision,
Far away voices,

By Rapando
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