She Teases Iv


She Teases Iv

By Rapando

Wed 20 Jul, 2016 02:14:43 EAT
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She Teases Iv

Blurred images,
Smell of roses,
I awoke.

The first face I saw,
Was the same I saw last,
She was there,
Quick, she pushed the vase away,
I smiled,
Tried to sit up,
Her hand and cords pulled me back,
Pain and faintness,
She smiled with wet eyeballs.

I tried to talk,
She touched my lips,
'Sam', she said,

'Days have gone and so has my tease,
I prayed for you to awake,
Fought the fear of your loss,
It would be mine too,
I even brought roses,
I knew your allergy,
I wanted to sneeze you to senses,
I walked paths we had stepped on,
The chirps sounded eerie without you,
Your poetic grip was no more,
And I felt like a feather at sea,
Shaken, wet, heavy with uncertainty,
Yet swayed and tossed at its will.

'I felt a void that laughter and chatter only widened,
I felt deprived of my dose,
A dose of awesomeness,
A dose you gave me in bulk and excess,
I felt naked,
My boredom and fear laid bare,
It was hard,
120 hours and counting.

'I know I teased for months,
But I wished I could borrow your patience,
I was on the brink of falling,
I was balancing on a seesaw on a cliff edge,
My heart was in a daze,
Anticipating a heal or a kill,
I waited for you.'

Lump in my throat,
Silence sealing her lips,
Teary eyes,
Teasing me again,
I wanted to hear it,
Whatever it was,
As long as it came from her heart,
I wished it to be a yes,
I would feel fly like the birds,
She would still bury my hopes with a no,
Maybe I would live to forget her love,
But her, I would never.

She dipped her hand in her purse,
Sat on the bed,
Took my hand,
A source of cords of life,
A ring,
'Sam, will you marry me?'
I thought I was dying,
Rather dead dead,
I shook my head,
I could see the heart break printed on her face,
She looked away,
'How can I say no?', I mumbled,
She turned to me,
Streams on her cheek,
She slid it on,
I pulled her in,
The pain could wait,
The doctor walked in,
'Children of these days'...

By Rapando
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