Ruby Morey


By Ruby Morey

Thu 21 May, 2020 10:13:00 EAT
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My voice often gets lost in the throng of the crowd
Drowned by the cheers and the boos
And the often I told yous
My voice gets lost in the crowd
Like drops in the monsoon rain

I still speak into nothingness, perhaps a soul will hear
And won't have to answer
I will know
Because his eyes with light with understanding
Amid the howl and crashing waves
Our souls will speak a tongue foreign to the rest

In silence, my voice will ring loud
But beware my love for even my voice dies,
My calls will fall on silence
And the quiet will be louder than me.
When my cries are hushed then it will be too late
I will not be able to remember your name.. ever -

But for now I will wait
In the hopes of being heard
I won't be hasty
For my voice has a faint thread of strength
The whisper of my calls can still be heard
And the song of my cry has a melody

Ruby Morey & Allan M. Kiptoo

By Ruby Morey
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  • Muigei A Kiptoo
    Every time I read this piece, I want to read more of your other pieces. This is excellent.
    206 wk ago

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