Sometimes It Hurts


Sometimes It Hurts

By Mwandah

Fri 27 Nov, 2020 18:05:49 EAT
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Sometimes It Hurts

Sometimes it hurts
To think of the hurt
You caused another
Knowingly or nah
It hits the conscience
The realization of pain
They took in
In your name.

Sometimes it hurts
To experience the hurt
You once caused another
The say the world goes round
What goes comes back
Even with the realization
It hurts to the core.

Sometimes it hurts
To think of the pain
You cause each other
In retaliation
Of past pains
Of current hurts
It is a cycle
If never broken
Will constantly revolve.

By Mwandah
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  • Paulo O
    Nice one Fatih. Creative
    180 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    You are asking people to be kind, almost always. Wow! I love this piece.
    178 wk ago
  • Allan M
    In kindness we become more
    175 wk ago

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