Sought Presence


Sought Presence

By KodawaKingi

Sun 03 Mar, 2019 21:18:40 EAT
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Sought Presence

This you want to know
About me but I know not
How best could this be
For l want it all made
Forever inscribed
That your memory won't fail
Each time and everywhere
You go see me in your face
You go see me in your eyes
You go see me in your mind
You go see me in your dreams
Swinging my African assets
In the rear and in the front

How best could it be
Will words do
No, the words are limited
They could be descriptive
They could be suggestive
They could be meaningful
But I hold this fear
That they ain't conclusive
That they ain't good enough
To express my person
That you could know me
Like you need to

How best could this be
I'm not an engineer
That I could use from first principles
I'm not an artist
That I could draw me
But wait
Even if drawing works
The pictures would be lifeless
I want you to hear my heart beat
I want you to hear my voice
I want you to see my shaking
I want you to see my mountains
I want you to see my valleys
I want you to know me

How best shall this be
I have made up my mind
To seek your presence
That you can see my long silky shinny black hair
That you can see my heart-shaped golden earings
That you can see my adorably yammy red lips
That you can see my lustrous black stilletos
That you can see my velvet knee pencil slitted red dress
Beautifully punctuating my only two hard oranges
Conspicuously exaggerating my medium rounded bottom
And highlighting my bulging meaty hips
Giving me a coca-cola bottle shape
I want you to remove them
One at a time as we dance intertwined
Occasionally twerking and teasing you
Eagerly slide into your embrace
And welcome your warm lips
Until you get to the inside
To know who I am
Please I seek your presence

By KodawaKingi
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