The Dove For Life

kechi kenyatta / expired giant

The Dove For Life

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant

Sat 04 Feb, 2017 13:01:49 EAT
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The Dove For Life

People measure twice before cutting once,
That's why they uphold the dove.
People don't mooch around anymore,
Ain't making a clean breast of it.
But simply speaking out my mind.

The Jewish upholds menorah,
Which symbolizes the dove.
It was first spread by missionaries,
And the fruits are now visible.
Since it proves that hope is life.

We have been keeping our eyes peeled,
Have you watched the people interact.
The market places are full not of fools.
People do business because of it.
No more cries for people make headways,
No more screams,
No more worries.

In churches today,
It's practised and performed.
People share whatever they got,
The needy are helped.
Leave alone the miracles
What is preached is peace
Because it's abundance is sweet.

A man's home is his castle.
This shows how free people are,
What they do is moving up in the world.
There are no rifles, missile and bombs
But Bibles, Quran and other holy books in plenty.

By kechi kenyatta / expired giant
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  • Gabriel
    A nice one
    356 wk ago
  • Omari
    Good work bro...
    356 wk ago
  • Lumala
    Keep it up sir
    356 wk ago
  • Kechi
    Thanks guys for your comments I really appreciate
    356 wk ago
  • Rick Okinda
    Good choice of words bwana kechi, keep it at the top
    356 wk ago
  • Lemuel
    Good job
    356 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    What does the dove symbolise?
    356 wk ago
  • Mercy Songa
    Awesome piece!
    355 wk ago
  • Kechi
    @rapando jnr the means peace thanks guys for passing by @mercy @rick @lemuel @rapando i really appreciate
    355 wk ago
  • Victor Yegon
    Hongera kwas kazi nzuri unayofanya endelea vivyo hivyo na hata zaidi ya hiyo
    355 wk ago
  • Kechi
    Asante kaka
    355 wk ago

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