The Moment


The Moment

By Rapando

Mon 18 Jul, 2016 15:13:41 EAT
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The Moment

Then she looked at me with wet eyes,
Knife in her hand,
I knew her life was rock hard,
And I was the fault in the wall,
She had to fix it,
Else it would come tumbling on her faith in love,
'Thats it Sam',
She said,
I was rooted,
I knew not what to do,
Whether to say sorry,
Or beg for my life,
It wasn't my right anymore,
It was in her hands,
She moved closer,
Her grip stronger,
All I could grip to was hope,
Even the wall behind felt greased...

So here I was,
Life or death,
Her breasts moved up and my uncertainty built,
She moved closer,
At least if I died,
I wouldn't die mum,
Even my ancestors had last words,
Cecy, I said,
But her eyes showed no remorse,
Neither interest to lend an ear,
She moved closer,
Her gaze fixed on my face,
Her mind deciding my fate,
I knew no way out,
So all I could do is wait,
And let her interest be my last breathe,
She swung,
My eyes closed,
Teeth touched,
I thought it was a kiss,
Between bone and metal,
I expected to find myself wallowing in a white portal,
Flying to heaven,
Or sinking to Hades,
I opened my eyes,
Saw her there,
A smile on her face,
'I have never seen you so terrified',
I felt like strangling her,
But who could,
I just embraced her beauty
and let the fear fade away

By Rapando
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  • Bonventry Kamau
    Accept my criticism and move on Brother congrats
    368 wk ago
  • Bonventry Kamau
    Accept my criticism and move on Brother congrats
    368 wk ago

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