The Summon

The Untamed Ink

The Summon

By The Untamed Ink

Sat 22 Jun, 2019 18:14:34 EAT
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The Summon

The unfailing eventide fell
So like the olden days
It felt freshly golden
The mows and bleats,
And the chirrup of birds decorated it
The mild chill of the winds
Invited me to mesmerism
Oh, what a pleasure!

I shook dust off my skin
So long the sun had shone
To my now life-depriving simba,
I gave it my back
The old man sat in solitude
In the company of dumb silence

So I put my back to rest
On the thin-cushioned seat
And when his throat cleared,
I cupped my ears
I knew in that rusty cough
There was a message,
A wise word to listen to

The son of my wife,
He said to me
I have grown aged
I’ve left the days I was swayed
Those days son,
A fortnight each I would drink
From a different woman’s honeypot
But you see those days
The pots weren’t so much soiled

I grew more attentive
He continued to say,
The days have changed son
You must tread with eyes
From the very honeypots we drank
Now death lurks
Don’t be swayed by how attractive
The outside of the vessel looks

I was scared
How would I know the safe port from which to drink?
Then he said,
If the gods have walked your way
You find a good woman
Not in looks but in brains
For he who finds this finds peace

I looked at him for once,
And in his face I saw the wisdom of his words

By The Untamed Ink
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