The Toughest Mission

The Untamed Ink

The Toughest Mission

By The Untamed Ink

Wed 26 Jun, 2019 06:34:30 EAT
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The Toughest Mission

The time had come to leave the shell
For two decades and more,
I had been there I recalled
Tied inside to stay
Trapped for molding and betterment

The skin had grown sturdy
And each day still
It grew more grills
A desire to survive all
The bruises of outside
And the torridity of the atmosphere

The eyes became fervent too,
How would they live to see –
In the overly bright rays that blind?
How would they –
In the raging winds stay alive?

The bones hardened
And the joints fastened
They talked of endurance
For they knew in their minds
That the voyage awaiting
Was the test of no failing

And then there was the heart,
How would the colleagues journey
In its weaker self?
It too was hardened,
The mountains and valleys ahead
Were never going to make it bend

So like a missionary soldier
In the complete death of his mission,
I carried all that I owned,
The hope and fortitude,
And left for the main reason,
The toughest mission

By The Untamed Ink
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