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By Ruby Morey

Thu 21 May, 2020 10:05:05 EAT
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We're always walking, moving forward into tomorrow
For today and before we cannot dream
But reminisce of what is and
What should have been
Our futures are laden
With cherished hopes and what would be
We sit in the enclaves of today and before
As we yearn for the rays that herald the morrow

Enticing is the notion of tomorrow.
I am drawn to it's brightness
And the lushness of it's green,
And I forget about yesterday,
Or at least I try,
But for the moments when I don't remember, I dream
And long for the dawn
The dawn of a new page in life

A step from today I hope to take,
And grasp at the allure to yet live again,
It will be a chance to correct what went awry,
And make some dreams come true,
Maybe do things a bit differently,
I will laugh and cry,
And bask in what the present graces me with,
Before tomorrow turns to today, then before.

But tomorrow is like a fog
There, yet quite not there
I reside in it's uncertain hands
And hope that it deals me a better hand
In this moment, here and now,
Though I stand in today's shaky ground,
I still long for the uncertain tomorrow.

A dawn is rising in the east sky
Filled with promise and cheer
I cannot ignore the wink from the sun
Subtly suggesting a challenge
I hope not to heap the brightening day with burdens from before
For I am conscience
That tomorrow is here
And often it does borrow the troubles from the past.

Ruby Morey & Allan M. Kiptoo.

By Ruby Morey
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