Under The Moonlight


Under The Moonlight

By Mwandah

Wed 25 Sep, 2019 14:02:53 EAT
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Under The Moonlight

In the crispy moonlight shine
He swore to be mine
I thought it was one of those lines
Coz man he was damn fine!
I looked deep into his eyes
No, I didn’t want him to repeat
I knew it was just a moment of heat
Before Dawn cracks he’d be gone
Gone with the wind chill
And leave me up the hill

They all say that and leave
Always full of tricks up they sleeve
Silence is better than to deceive
If you want to lie just get up drive
My heart’s full of cracks
Broken by the likes of you
I’m not letting it out again
If it breaks again
I might not survive
These words I said to him
Filled tears in his eyes
And he moved closer to me.

He put his hands around my waist
He didn’t even hesitate
He said he was broken too
Shattered beyond repair
Perhaps our brokenness was our strength
It brought us to this night
Under the shine of the moonlight
We could learn to love again
We might not be sane
But together we make our imperfections
Perfect for the strongest bond
As he leaned in for a kiss
I felt the tinge to my toes
I knew he was the one
And there under the moonlight shine
I surrendered myself to him.

By Mwandah
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  • Anonymus
    This piece is wonderful. Mwandah, you're going places. Keep up with the fantastic work.
    242 wk ago
  • Aggrey Shitsukane
    242 wk ago
  • Fibonacci
    A good one Mwandah, hope he stays forever
    242 wk ago
  • Shee
    If it breaks again, I might not survive Me too hun me too! Awesome writing as usual 👍
    242 wk ago
  • Lord Festus
    That's finest piece of writing I have ever read
    242 wk ago
  • Eustace
    Wonderful piece Fay... Strong message... Keep the 🔥lit and more lit... Your destiny will shock you as well... Keep on keeping on
    242 wk ago
  • Mwandah
    Thank you so much guys.. I feel the love
    242 wk ago
  • Zachariah Marisian
    Oh love!
    242 wk ago
  • Agnes Waithera
    (True story)nice one
    242 wk ago
  • Victor
    Mwandah, bravo! Keep shining under the moonlight!
    242 wk ago
  • Cynthy
    love this..the flow is amazing ...the emotions felt
    229 wk ago

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