Untamed Emotions

Holy Boy Ritchie

Untamed Emotions

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sun 30 Jun, 2019 20:16:08 EAT
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Untamed Emotions

I can never explain,
When people read my poems, asking me if I was hurt,
Always asking if I mean what I write.
Could search for wounds in my heart,
But all they find is a normal heartbeat.

How can I explain that the pain in my poems isn't mine?
How can I convince them that I'm only a writer, yet when I write, my voice shakes them?
Can they believe that I'm only a spokesman yet there are tears in my eyes whenever I speak?
How can I explain that I'm only a pen fighter?
That all I want to see is justice?
I can never explain.

But then...
How can I keep quiet,
When there are thousands who need my help?
That girl hiding the agony of being raped behind her smile,
That child born out of wedlock and dumped,
That woman terminating the future generation in her womb,
That young couple separating due to mistrust,
That starving old couple waiting for death to do its part,
That bereaved family which failed to raise the hospital bill,
That politician who isn't responsible to his people,
That corrupt judge who failed to administer justice,
That society holding on to outdated cultures.

I write because I feel so much,
And when I write,
I bleed so much.

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By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Hezontine
    This is nice bro
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    Aaaaaww so nice.
    204 wk ago
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    Keep up
    204 wk ago
  • Favour
    nice one bro
    204 wk ago
  • Mary Mwangi
    Keep writing ✨💕
    204 wk ago
  • Purity Muema
    Nice piece Ritchie go on
    204 wk ago
  • Hildah
    Aaaw..nice one dear❤
    201 wk ago

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