By Cynthy

Tue 13 Jun, 2017 09:38:50 EAT
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Blow off smoke from your lips,
Feel the taste of the pain burning down your throat,
Feel the constriction of your lungs,
Stomach churning,
It tastes like guilt,
It tastes of all the foul things you do,
But you can't stop,
You are a slave,
Slave for the beauty,
She had you bound to her,
Is it more of cupid kind of love or is it,
More of stupid love.

You wish to forget,
But even the night won't let you,
How could you forget her?
How could you?
While instincts always had you following her,
Her shadow,
But she was safe,
She didn't know that though,
She knew you left her.

Her tears had your heart breaking,
But the acidic taste remained in your lips,
You wished to hold her,
Her Diary was all about you,
That hurt,
You were just a figment in her writing,
Materialising infront of her would be too much.

She though she was going insane,
The therapists didn't help her,
But how would you tell her,
Everything was real,
Not her imagination.

She sat down on her bed,
But you noticed her bleeding hands,
She was writing,
You couldn't watch her,
But you couldn't help her either,
Nothing hurt you more,
Than watch life drain from her eyes.

Sparkled shiny diamond,
Dull eyes,
Clothes barely covering,
Mirror mirror,
Reflected something hazy,
Closing eyes,
Too late

By Cynthy
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  • Hillary
    I like this....perfect
    356 wk ago
  • Kigen
    356 wk ago
  • Winnie Mucheke
    OUCH! That hurts
    356 wk ago
  • Elcy
    This captured my entire attention.... What a piece!
    356 wk ago
  • Eva
    wow that is so perfect
    356 wk ago
  • Dime
    This stuff though,,damn,Love It
    356 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Nice work Cynthia
    356 wk ago
  • Kigen
    Nice peace ..?
    356 wk ago
  • Shish
    Well stated cuz
    356 wk ago
  • Constant
    nyc job
    356 wk ago
  • Brian
    it's excellent... nice work
    356 wk ago
  • Brian
    it's excellent... nice work
    356 wk ago
  • Emsquared
    Nice one
    324 wk ago
  • Emsquared
    Nice one
    324 wk ago
  • Emsquared
    Nice one
    324 wk ago

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