What About Today

Ruby Morey

What About Today

By Ruby Morey

Thu 18 Jun, 2020 02:44:15 EAT
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What About Today

Sufficient for a day are it's own troubles,
So the holy book says
Guaranteed is now
What is and what we have made of it.

Pleasant it is to imagine the 'better' yet to come
To nestle in its cocoon of blissful bubbles
And when allowed, Tomorrow subconsciously steals the joys of today.

Our mornings then drag in and are long in coming
They seem bleak and uncertain
And though laden with hopes and merry
They are marred with undue burdens from before
Our souls heavy,
Numb to the melody of the chirping birds, our dawn breaks.

I will only say that I lived today
When with dirt and sweat
My palms are covered
Proof of the energy I've poured into today
I will sing of tomorrow
With life so round, full and rich
That had no choice
But to spill it's abundance into the next.

By Ruby Morey
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  • Martin
    "spill it's abundance into the next" Makes me want to say, I can't jump back, only forward. I love it.
    199 wk ago

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