What To Do...


What To Do...

By Mwandah

Tue 24 Oct, 2017 21:41:05 EAT
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What To Do...

A lost soul
Wallowing amidst my streak of confusion
Indecisiveness engulfing me whole
What can i do?
What will I do?
I am faced with a situation beyond my years
I did not plan this, it happened
Forces of nature against me
Am lost.

He brought joy into my empty life
Made me smile, even when tears dripped down my visage
He said all was ok
He made my lonely world complete.
This was supposed to be forever,
At least that was the initial plan
Am not fit anymore
At least not according to his high standards am not
I have never been
Condoning is what he has been doing
All the while leading…
Me on.
I thought we were perfect, but apparently,
All was an illusion.

Now my heart is torn
Should I work things out?
Persevere till the end,
Or let it go, think about the other he.
The other he who makes my heart beat wildly
Makes me think of him day and night
Gives me a reason to smile
The he who wipes my tears with his words
Calms my soul with his touch
A girl can’t handle all this
Too much pressure
What can I do?
What will I do?
Which world should I choose?

By Mwandah
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  • Irene
    Good read gal
    309 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    'Calms my soul with soul with his touch'
    309 wk ago
  • Kirega Joseph
    Really nice, its a dilemma thats expressed perfectly and very relatable in this times where relationships are increasingly becoming about some unrealistic standards that we want to associate with. Kudos Mwandah!
    309 wk ago

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