Why Should I?


Why Should I?

By Rapando

Tue 23 Aug, 2016 20:38:56 EAT
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Why Should I?

Why should I?
I wont.

I will have a civil wedding instead,
Five in a room to make it official.
I will take her to a quiet honey moon,
And bring her to our own home.

Before you judge, answer me.
My Dad's not a millionare,
And my short time goal ain't any near being one,
Why should I hire cars,
When I still live in rentals?
Why should I fly her to the altar,
When my meals are dependant on my salary?
Why should I buy a hundred dollar cake,
When by mid next month I will be begging for loans?
Why should my friends cough money,
When they won't taste the fruits of my wedding.
Why should people talk about the limo for weeks,
When I will be angry that the tout went with my change?
Why should her friends envy the selfies,
While she rants about my empty ego in my house?

I won't hold an expensive wedding,
Not yet,
Why should I?
Its a norm yes,
But not to me,
Just like shoes were a norm in primary school,
But not for me,
Just like TV was a norm to my mates' kidhood,
But not for me,
Just like Christmas gifts were a norm to my mates' kidhood,
But not for me.

I won't, why should I?

By Rapando
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  • Anita Nimmoh
    I don't see the reason either. Nice piece.
    376 wk ago
  • Kechi
    I love that piece bro.its awesome
    369 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    walai uko tuu sawa, mahn your poems rock i think you should start doing something with that talent, to me, u qualify to be a modern day Kenya's Shakespeare
    364 wk ago

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