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By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sun 07 Nov, 2021 12:02:17 EAT
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I met a girl, Yesterday
Love at first sight
She said she was not ready
To love
And be loved in return.
If being ready is a word
Are we ever ready?
I'm convinced that she was scared
Of expectations

My friend asked me my favorite colour,
I said Red.
For the many times my heart has bled,
For the red flags I saw and ignored,
For loving unconditionally and being rejected,
For the many times I have been betrayed but still holding on,
For not giving up,
Red is Love.

Yesterday, I wrote a poem
Dear Crush
And sent to her.
"Woow! this is so beautiful Ritchie
You are really talented
Keep it up"
I was angry. Mad at her.
I wanted to shout
" Those are my feelings for you b*tch!
Why don't you read between the lines and understand?! "

Yesterday my Mom called me,
She said,
" Happy Birthday Son"
I wish you blessings from above,
And a birthday full of love.
Streams of tears flew down my cheeks,
It was the first time she prayed for me publicly.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Opili
    This is a master piece of poetic justice
    131 wk ago
  • Lucy
    So nice poem Keep it dear friend
    131 wk ago
  • Samson Onchabo
    Go go brother
    131 wk ago
  • Jaybee Kenyanstar
    So nice love it
    131 wk ago
  • Mary
    Nice piece
    102 wk ago
  • Mary
    Nice piece
    102 wk ago

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