By Cynthy

Mon 01 Feb, 2021 22:07:28 EAT
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I have been thinking of how to adequately describe you,
I have been praying that I get to glance at you
Just one more time
Really look deep into your soul
to search for the person you have hid beneath all the layers
of self loath and insecurities,
I have been thinking of ways to warm all those icy parts of you
that you have abandoned
I have been building bridges to reach you
I have been mending all the wounds that
ache all night and have left you empty,
I have been gathering love to fill you up
Hoping the sunrise will ignite your soul
Hoping the sunshine will brighten your mood,
So I'm sorry if I have been silent,
Because I have been thinking,
Thinking about you....

By Cynthy
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  • George
    💥💯✨this has me thinking...😂
    166 wk ago

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